1991 come the first Giant in our house . An male with an wonderful charakter called Bonny. We visit with him one show and saw there the miniature black and silver and love them so much that we decided that one of them come in our house. So the female Nixe von den kleinen Strolchen come to us in May 1993 and 1995 we started our breed with her with the first litter under our kennel name : vom Horren. This kennel name is the name from the street where we lived at the start from our breed.

1995 comes the black miniature female Trüffel van de Koekshove in our house and we decided that we only want to breed black miniature and Giants and stop breeding black and silver.

,But the Giants are our greatest love and after much bad luck 1997 we get 2 females . Venus van de Koekshove and Blue vom Balschbachtal come to us and the hips, teethes and charakter from both were very good so we started the Giant breed 2000 after we do the step to move 100km forward in an bigger house with wonderful property for breeding and more.


Our dogs are all living in the house.The puppies are born in the puppieroom in the basement than they move to living room for the first 4 weeks  and I sleep this time  beside them. Than they have an room in the ground floor where they can walk in the garden to the other dogs and can play the whole day. we look that they can meet all noices and situations . At´the first possible time they have contact to other persons and especilly kids. At the seventh week we make the first trips with the car with them so they learn many things before they leave our house.


The most important thing for our breed is healthiness ,very good charakter and beauty.